About IGS

About IGS

Integrity Global Security is a Licensed, Insured, Full Service Security Business.  

What sets us far apart from our competition is our training. All of our officers receive advanced training from Silver State Law Enforcement Academy, and classes that are available from advanced training officers from the LVPMD and other State Law Enforcement Departments.

One of our many services is high-level personal protection, so our officers are trained to see things that a normal security guard would not be trained to detect. We are experts in surveillance, counter surveillance and several other services that other companies do not provide.

IGS requires a much higher standard than the industry for Employment Qualification: 

 Must possess an advanced ability to interact with employees and guests.  Must maintain a professional appearance, demeanor, and conduct at all times.  Must have the ability to de-escalate all situations.  Minimum of 5 years’ experience in security, law enforcement, or military. Must have a licensed guard card with the state Nevada. Must pass a background check with the state of nevada.

Our officers are trained in verbal De-escalation, effective communication techniques, and many other classes including customer service.

Our officers are trained in and use Body Cams and other high level equipment. 

Because our officers are paid on average $6 to $8 dollars more per hour than other security companies we have highly trained, professional looking officers, with a more tactical look than your normal security guard company.
They are also geared with body cams and other equipment that far surpasses other security companies in the industry.